Anthony Schrag, Queen Margaret University

Dr Anthony Schrag is a practising artist and researcher, and Senior Lecturer at Queen Margaret’s University (Edinburgh). The central focus of his work examines the role of art in participatory and public contexts, with a specific focus on social conflict, agonism and ethics. His PhD and current research examines the notion of ‘Pro-Social Conflict’ within participatory and social-practice projects.

His most recent publication The Failures of Public Art and Participation (co-edited with Cameron Cartiere), was released in September 2022 and recently completed a residency with the Perth Museum and Art Gallery that tried to persuade the museum to destroy a single item from their collection, as chosen by the public. This project failed.

He leads both the MA Applied Arts and Social Practice and MA Arts, Festivals and Cultural Management at Queen Margaret University and is a member of the Centre for Communication, Cultural and Media Studies Research Centre, leading the Practice Research Cluster: Finding and Using Creative Knowledge.