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25th March 2013 Sara Lock

Resources by Anne Torreggiani

Guide to audience development planning

This essential guide explains what an audience development plan is, why you need one, and how to go about putting a plan together.

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Generating audiences, regenerating arts and cultural organisations

‘Community Engagement’ in the public sector is often driven by a reforming government agenda and is meant to be a two-way process, with organisations benefiting from the imagination and energy of local citizens. Anne Torreggiani finds out that the extra dimension we have in the cultural sector is that what we have to offer is personally fulfilling and, frankly, more fun. It is about people’s creativity and learning, not just their involvement as well-behaved citizens.

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Cultural diversity and audience development

Discover arguments for focusing on cultural diversity, examples of good practice and practical advice for marketing, management and audience development in this comprehensive guide.

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Understand what community engagement is and why and how arts marketers should encourage it for their organisations

This presentation explores theories and models of community engagement, plotting the path from receivers of information to participation and empowerment for audiences. The session looked at the benefits of community engagement practice in cultural organisations and proposed the optimum conditions needed to make it work. The conclusions are drawn from the ‘Generate’ research project and give top pointers to how to implement community engagement well.

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Increasing frequency of rarely-engaged arts and cultural attenders

Most arts and cultural organisations only need to increase retention and frequency rates among a small percentage of their customers for considerable financial benefit,so choosing to concentrate on the needs of just one or two segments will bring good returns on any investment in change. What Audiences London discovered about less committed audiences went beyond our assumptions, sometimes confirming them, sometimes challenging them.

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