Andrew Davis

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Andrew Davis | Keynote Speaker & Trainer in Social Media & Content Marketing | Talk Dygital

With over 20 years of experience to draw upon, Andrew has helped organisations all over the world ‘tap’ into new growth opportunities and ultimately reach their business objectives through navigating the digital media landscape. He has shown corporations and non-profits alike how to identify their own unique pain points, and transform their digital operations to embrace a new era and create digital assets.

For some, this means learning about emerging revenue streams like influencer marketing, while others may just need to find the answer to ‘What’s next?’, when faced with global challenges like COVID-19. Either way, Andrew is a go-to source for how to generate sales or leads, increase awareness and forge partnerships in a world where online engagement equals wealth.

Andrew began his career working online but in traditional media companies, like ITV’s Pop Idol and Liverpool FC before being part of the team to help launch BBC Radio 1Xtra. He then built on that early success by joining the platform that launched a whole new generation of social change – MySpace, where he was part of the team to launch the UK brand. This gives Andrew a unique insight into new media that few in this saturated industry can claim. He’s seen how popular networks can go from rise to fall in only a few short steps.

As a renowned keynote speaker and expert trainer, Andrew can help you answer the most important question in digital right now: So what? A large social media presence alone may not impact the bottom line. Andrew will get to the bottom of what will, by helping you see your business through a digital lens.


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