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27th March 2013 Sara Lock

Resources by Alasdair Cant

Managing teams through change

In this Prosper resource, Alasdair Cant highlights the key points to consider when managing a team through organisational change — from planning and implementing change, through to dealing effectively with uncertainty to avoid resistance and conflict.

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The basics of successfully achieving influence

The art of influencing has the air of something akin to a ‘dark art’; mysterious at best, possibly manipulative and underhand at worst. In reality it is simply less tangible than many other workplace skills; more a dynamic process than a list of dos and don’ts. In this article, Alasdair Cant takes a look at the basics.

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Influencing skills

A guide to influencing people, based on a practical workshop session exploring how to effectively manage a range of relationships - with suppliers and key stakeholders, within line management contexts, upwards and sideways within your organisation.

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