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Trish Wheatley

Trish Wheatley has worked in the arts sector since 2005. She has developed a passion and specialism in working with and supporting disabled artists having started her career at Holton Lee curating and managing the Disability Arts programme. In 2009 she moved into freelance producing, fundraising and promotional work and has a significant portfolio which includes: Shape, London, LinkUpArts in Salisbury, consultancy work for DAO, and project development for many individual disabled artists. Currently, this is focused on Freewheeling, the organisation which supports underwater wheelchair artist Sue Austin.

Alice Holland

Alice Holland is a producer of theatre and entertainment, specializing in interdisciplinary performances, neo-cabaret, political theatre and arts festivals, with a particular soft spot for uppity feminists, flamboyant queers and truth-tellers.

She is currently training in Arts Management and Producing for Disability Arts, shadowing Trish Wheatley of Disability Arts Online.

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