Webinar: The future of cultural labour

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Webinar: The future of cultural labour

By Centre for Cultural Value


Who is going to do cultural labour in the future – and how do we ensure that it doesn’t become an unaffordable career choice?

This is a recording of a session from our conference Covid-19: Changing Culture? in November 2021. The conference shared emerging findings from our Covid-19 research project and discussed implications with practitioners and policymakers.

Covid-19 has dramatically impacted the cultural sector workforce, including a deepening of existing inequalities. Some workers have been hit harder than others, and we’ll share findings from our research and discuss key findings and implications with guest contributors. How do we support those whose future in the sector is under threat, and build back a more representative workforce?

Chaired by Lilli Geissendorfer. Speakers: Suzie Henderson, Contact; Holly Maples, East 15 Acting School Limited; Dave O'Brien, University of Edinburgh

Published: 2021
Resource type: Webinars and films