Sharing learning: Cauldrons & Furnaces | Crochan a Ffwrnais

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Sharing learning: Cauldrons & Furnaces | Crochan a Ffwrnais

Lit up castle with crowds
© Mabinogi at Harlech Castle, Photo: Ben Davies

In this series of learning case studies, cultural practitioners share their reflections and learning honestly, so others can learn from and build on their experience. Here Clare Williams reflects on managing multiple agendas and questions of ownership in complex large-scale projects.


“My older, wiser, more cynical self would ask my buoyant, enthusiastic, younger self if I should have asked a fundamental question before this all began… Whose project is this?”
Clare Williams, Director of Cauldrons & Furnaces | Crochan a Ffwrnais

In this learning case study, Clare outlines some of these questions that arose from managing relationships with the heritage sector, the communities taking part, and the funders. She also highlights some key learning points around event delivery, community engagement, and evaluating the success and legacy of the project.

Published: 2020
Resource type: Case studies