Sharing learning: Aesop

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Sharing learning: Aesop

Older woman in hat dancing
© Dance to Health, Norwich. Photo: Camilla Greenwell

By Tim Joss


In this series of learning case studies, cultural practitioners share their reflections and learning honestly, so others can learn from and build on their experience.

In this example, Tim Joss from Aesop shares learning from the Dance to Health programme and the role research and evaluation played in the programme itself and the learning it generated.

Aesop learnt how a more nuanced approach is needed to evaluate arts-in-health collaborations in their specific, situated contexts, drawing on the impacts of specific arts experiences, rather than generic health and wellbeing benefits.

In particular the work requires close collaboration and co-design of socially-purposeful arts interventions with and by social, health and education partners.

The case study also shares Aesops 'active ingredients' logic model that seeks to identify how specific activities contribute to the generation of particular outcomes.

Published: 2020
Resource type: Case studies