My essential reads: value(s) in cultural participation

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My essential reads: value(s) in cultural participation

Small boy singing down microphone
© Event at LeftBank Leeds. Photo: Sally Molineaux

By Leila Jancovich, Centre for Cultural Value


Are you thinking about participation and the different values we all bring to our experience of culture? Here are six recommended reads that will help you explore the different meanings people give to 'participation' and how this affects the approaches we might take.

Leila Jancovich shares her essential reads on value(s) in cultural participation. Her recommendations are to help you think about what participation means to you and to others you engage with, so that we all might think about cultural value in terms of the different values we bring to culture.

Our series of My Essential Reads features academics and practitioners sharing their top recommended reading in an area of cultural value.

Published: 2020
Resource type: Essential reads