My essential reads: cultural value and place

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My essential reads: cultural value and place

© Without Wall's Urban Astronaut at Wakefield Council’s Festival of the Moon. Photo: Andrew Benge

By Franco Bianchini, Centre for Cultural Value


Are you thinking about the role of culture and place? Are you interested in evaluation practices and definitions of 'success' for culture-based place development? Franco Bianchini shares six recommended reads to help you explore the complexities of this area of research and practice.

"My selection aims to offer readers a more nuanced understanding of culture-led regeneration, including of how it impacts on the shaping of local identities, and of difficult questions in conceptualisation, evaluation, measurement and definitions of ‘success’."

Our series of My Essential Reads features academics and practitioners sharing their top recommended reading in an area of cultural value.

Published: 2021
Resource type: Essential reads