Why a picture is worth a thousand words

Why a picture is worth a thousand words

Editors like strong, eye-catching images that work well in either print or online format. This article looks at the importance of photography. Good images that attract all-important attention require thought, creativity and a keen eye.  This article was first published in JAM (issue 41 / January 2011).

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As the saying goes: ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ In today’s society where we’re constantly bombarded by media messages, a good picture that will attract attention has never been worth more.

But what makes a good picture? In this digital age, when even the most average photographer can take a good enough picture and enhance it with some software, it seems that almost anyone can – and will – pass themselves off as a photographer. However, only a few very skilled creative photographers are actually worth investing in.

A picture is only worth a thousand words when it captures a thousand words, i.e. a story. This requires more than simply shooting what is visible. It requires thought, a creative mind and keen eye to imbue the image with meaning.

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