What do arts correspondents want?

What do arts correspondents want?

Roberta Doyle meets a leading arts correspondent for coffee to find out what journalists want from arts and cultural organisations. This article was first published in JAM (issue 25 / April 2007).

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Let’s get back to basics
Journalists want information – that’s their currency. And when they have information, they can identify the stories – that’s their bread and butter. And in case we think our stories don’t matter, according to Phil Miller, “cultural news is as important as any other news in the world”. We agree, Phil.
Whether you are fielding a topical news story about your organisation, trying to set up an interview and photo to support ticket sales or pitching a colour feature in a magazine, remember that many readers care about what we do and want to read about us in their title of choice. There is ample reader research to support that. Moreover, as an industry we are major advertisers in the UK press – the sums we contribute to newspapers and magazines all over the UK through advertising must easily run into millions of pounds. And nothing speaks louder to a newspaper proprietor than revenue.

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