Visualising your business model

Visualising your business model

To visualise your current business model, we’d recommend using a tool called the Business Model Canvas created by It helps you to think about how you create, deliver and capture value.

Business Model Canvas — 3 minutes 45 seconds

Business Model Canvas courtesy of

Think about…

  • Is your business model desirable to audiences, visitors and funders? How clear is your organisation about its core purpose and what it offers to audiences, visitors and other ‘customers’?
  • Is your business model feasible? Do you have the essential skills and resources (people, buildings, technology, systems etc.) needed internally to drive success? How easily can you free up or find resources to invest in new areas of activity (e.g. digital development, partnership working, fundraising)?
  • Is your business model viable? Do enough people believe in what you’re doing to invest in it — to buy tickets, to give you grant income, to donate, to sponsor etc. — to make it stack up financially?

It covers:

  • Tried and tested tool to help you review your business model.
  • A flexible tool to review, analyse, adapt or create a new business model.
  • Transform your business model to enable your organisation to prosper and thrive.

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