Using visitor personas to target audiences more effectively

Using visitor personas to target audiences more effectively

By developing audience personas, organisations can better target their marketing campaigns for specific groups of customers. Personas can also help plan and prioritise which tools to use to best reach specific visitors. The Citizens Theatre in Glasgow successfully used this approach to focus their campaigns. (This conference session was first published in the conference report for AMA conference 2011).

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What are personas?
Personas are defined as ‘fictitious characters created to represent the different user types within a targeted demographic that might use a product’

  • A realistic character sketch — adding a face to the statistics
  • Defined by attitudes and goals
  • Based on fact/research — real people

In order to turn the profiling data into personas, it is best to begin by holding a Persona Generation Session. Some guiding principles to bear in mind when creating personas:

  • Make sure it is an organisation-wide exercise
  • Include a range of ages and interests in the meeting
  • Lock your group away
  • Aim to create 3-6 personas (make sure you have a mix of male and female)
  • Categorise in detail
  • Focus on key differentiators
  • Don’t over-think: use your instinct
  • Give them a name

Think about how they currently engage with your organisation and how you would like them to engage with you in future.