Using the butterfly to explore your purpose

Using the butterfly to explore your purpose

This simple tool — the butterfly — devised by Wolff Olins, can be used to help you explore and define your purpose. It’s easy to use in framing group discussions and it’s a technique that you can return to again and again, when you need to refocus, rethink or sense-check your ideas.

Using the butterfly model to explore your purpose
— 4 minutes 20 seconds

Video courtesy of Wolff Olins © Wolff Olins. 2016

It covers:

  • A tool to help you articulate a clear purpose.
  • Defining how your organisation makes a difference to the world around it.
  • Provides a coherent basis for every strategic decision.

The speaker

Robert Jones
Wolff Olins and University of East Anglia

Published December 2018

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