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Top tips for a first-rate Friends Scheme

Top tips for a first-rate Friends Scheme

How do you know that your membership scheme or your friends scheme is effective? And what steps can you take if it starts to go wrong? Sarah Gee offers some tips on running a first-rate friends scheme. This article was first published in JAM (issue 42 / April 2011).

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So what’s the ideal?
For my money, always bring it in-house. If you are already a registered charity, there’s little to be gained from setting up another charity. If you are not, or cannot be, a charity (such as a local authority-run theatre), there can be benefits from being able to fundraise through a charitable vehicle, but make sure that you understand the full implications before setting down that path. It can be a bit like a Parent Teachers Association ending up running the school — they are obviously concerned individuals but they might not have the appropriate skills and they often have a vested interest in choosing a particular direction. Assuming you already have a first-rate friends organisation, how can you keep it that way?

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