Top ten press tips

Top ten press tips

In early 2011, the AMA brought together press and PR professionals from the cultural sector for PR and the Changing Media — a summit on the changing role of press and PR in the arts. This article aims to summarise the day in ten points and was first published in JAM (issue 43 / July 2011).

Article snippet

    1. Some things don’t change. As fast as the world changes around us, many old things – such as ‘a good photo is still invaluable’ — still hold true.
    2. One of the reasons for this is that although people talk about the online ’world’, it is not a different world. It is this world — just new ways of communicating and new tools to do what we’ve always done. If you’re daunted by them, get in there and get your hands dirty. Play with new apps, social media, etc. — they don’t bite and you’ll soon get the hang of them.
    3. We do have to consider what a journalist is these days — with the rise of ‘citizen journalists’, blogging, tweeting and other ‘amateur’ outlets, the line between the ‘audience’ and the ‘press’ is blurred. Also, it turns out, journalists are people too!

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