The role of social media in press and PR

The role of social media in press and PR

Amber Massie-Blomfield takes a look at the crucial role social media has to play in building dialogues with the communities we affect — essentially, in managing public relations. This article was first published in JAM (issue 52 / October 2013).

Article snippet

The huge success of The Book of Mormon has been hailed by the Guardian as ‘a gospel lesson in social media marketing’ because by the time the print reviews came out, its success had already been assured by the huge community that had engaged through Facebook and Twitter – thanks in no small part to its celebrity champions. And the use of digital channels to share Vicky Featherstone’s first season at the Royal Court: Open Court, hinted at the huge opportunities for social to widen access to the arts, by creating a dedicated online platform where audiences could simultaneously watch performances and engage in conversation about them. Although the format was somewhat rough and ready, the enterprise must be applauded for proffering a genuine proposal of how the live might meaningfully interact with the social space.

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