The challenges of running a large membership scheme

The challenges of running a large membership scheme

Sarah Chambers takes a look at the challenges of providing a tailored membership approach at the National Theatre. This article was first published in JAM (issue 42 / April 2011).

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Even with the increased effort to provide a segmented approach to our members, we recognise that old habits die hard – and you will still get the odd occasion where people place ‘characteristics’ or group behaviours on what in actual fact is a very diverse and wide-ranging group of individuals, whose chosen level – or price – of membership does not define who they are. Recent examples of this include a £15 Advance Member who made a philanthropic gift of more than 100 times their annual membership, or when through audience research we found out that an older Member, who we could have mistaken for being a traditional theatre-goer, had in fact been to every single challenging and left-field piece of work that we had ever produced. These instances serve to remind and reaffirm that we must strive to tailor our membership messages to the numerous groups and sub-groups within our schemes if we are to maintain and grow their trust and support.

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