Ten tips for Press & PR

#25Ten tips for Press & PR

The key to effective press & PR is how you present information to media outlets. This resource — Ten tips for Press & PR — will provide you with key pointers to help you successfully gain press coverage for your offer and organisation.

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1. Research and planning
Spend time researching the publications and journalists that are most relevant to your offer and your target audience, or who would be most interested in what you’re currently promoting — a new show, an exhibition, a tour, one-off event, special announcement or the launch of a new product or experience.

2. Target your media
Decide what type of media you should be focusing on:
— local, regional or national press
— specialist periodical publications
— social media platforms
— journalists who are proactive on Twitter
— influencers such as bloggers and blogging websites
— local, regional and national broadcasting, including radio and television news outlets
— sector-relevant or partner organisations.

3. Target your journalists
Identify the best person to liaise with at each publication or media outlet. To make the news, you need to get to know your key contacts and cultivate a working relationship with them. Pick up the phone or meet in person and create a relationship that makes you stand out from the crowd. Don’t just rely on emails or press releases to get your story told.

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Evadney Campbell, MBE
Shiloh PR

Published March 2019

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