Royal Academy of Arts friends scheme

Royal Academy of Arts friends scheme

Jennifer Faure Francis writes about how the Royal Academy of Arts Friends Scheme is structured and gives valuable insight in to the members of the RA friends scheme. This article was first published in JAM (issue 42 / April 2011).

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Motivations for becoming a Friend are very programme-driven; patronage is seen as a secondary benefit. Flexibility and exclusivity are also significant factors for membership.
Membership of an arts organisation can also be seen as a badge of identities. The sense of belonging is echoed in the Big Society concept. A recent study suggests that another £300 million could be brought into the sector if the whole arts sector had active friends schemes. Given that friends admit that belonging to an arts organisation in this way encourages them to give more, the spill-over effects could positively contribute and generate additional investment for your organisation.

To read the full article download Valuable Friends.

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