Return on investment

Return on investment

Issue 44 / October 2011

Making the most of it

Regardless of what you are investing – cash, time or human resources – it is important that you get the return that you desire … especially in these lean times with a tightening of belts.

In this issue’s Research Round-up, Heather Maitland (page 4) asks ‘Did it work?’ and if so, ‘Is it worth doing again?’ Sometimes though, the simplest questions don’t always have the most straightforward answers and what do we mean by ‘investment’ anyway?
Rachel Escott looks at the best way of using budgets to market our organisations more effectively (page 6) and Ben Jeffries gives us five simple things to do with the geodemographic reports that we’ve paid for (page 9).

Margaret Bolton suggests that an investment in change will return a more resilient arts and cultural sector (page 18) while Karen Moore reveals how the recent capital project and rebrand will take the People’s History Museum into the future (page 12).

Taken from his blog, The Museum of the Future Jasper Visser shares low-budget, easy-to-do new media ideas (page 20) as Janina Mundy of the Lowry reflects on pooling resources and working in partnership with other organisations towards shared success (page 16).

At home in the spotlight Neil Parker, part-time AMA business services manager and collector of stuff, reveals a little of himself (below) and in Just a Minute (page 15) we get to know Morwenna Honan, Deputy Marketing Manager, Clwyd Theatr Cymru.

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