Press launch with a difference

Press launch with a difference

In early 2013, with only the name of the show and its transatlantic success fanning the flames of its continued popularity, the Scottish date for WICKED at the King’s Theatre was launched. This article was first published in JAM (issue 52 / January 2013).

Article snippet

The resulting PR launch strategy was to initiate a different approach to the regular press launches simply based on the fact that we, at this stage don’t have anything physical to utilise, just the title. Although WICKED! is possibly the highest profile show I have worked on, in terms of its global recognition, the first stage of this PR launch could be regarded as slightly subdued being announced as an exclusive in a Glasgow daily newspaper to guarantee a concentrated blast of coverage. We were also primed for an assault via Facebook and Twitter by literally rebranding both with the simple message ‘something WICKED! this way comes’.

To read the full article download Something wicked this way comes.

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