Press and PR

Press and PR

Issue 52 / October 2013

This autumn issue of JAM focuses on press and PR and takes a look at the changes being experienced by our sector with regards online and digital tools, opportunities and challenges.

It is published to coincide with the AMA’s Press and PR season. We’ve got press and PR-focused network meetings taking place across the country this autumn (2014).

Roberta Doyle looks at the changing role of the press / PR practitioner and shares a couple of short case studies from National Theatre of Scotland while James Allen offers us ideas to help reach our creative potential and keep alive the generating-ideas thrill.

Press and PR case studies come from Mark Irwin-Watson at the King’s Theatre and Theatre Royal, Glasgow and James Lever at Target Live working with Talawa. Nestling between Mark and James is the AMA annual review highlighting AMA achievements in 2012 – 2013.

CultureHive takes over some JAM pages to showcase a couple of guides along with countless examples of good practice, including press and PR, from across our sector – Sarah Hartley asks; ‘what is this ‘hyperlocal’ thing and how could it help you?’ while Catharine Braithwaite urges us not to despair as, with the right approach, culture in the regions can still make the national pages. Amber Massie Blomfield takes a look at the crucial role social media has to play in building dialogues with the communities that we influence.

Ex-colleague and avid AMA member Al Morley, Head of Sales and Marketing at Cambridge Arts Theatre lets us in for sixty seconds, makes us cakes and tells us a little bit about what makes him tick in Just a minute. She’s used to a stage spotlight but this issue swings the JAM spotlight around to Dani, Events and Services Administrator here at the AMA.

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