Online PR — a strategic approach

Online PR — a strategic approach

Rebecca Storey from Corner Shop PR talked to AMA conference 2013 delegates through: identifying the difference between traditional and online PR; how to identify key online targets for individual campaigns; and how to plan and report on an online PR campaign. (This article was first in the conference report for the AMA conference 2013.)

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What is online PR? 
It’s an ever-changing topic and idea. It can sit within marketing, it can sit within press, sometimes it depends on the size of your organisation or how your communications department is put together. At the Corner Shop it’s myself and our marketing manager who work together on online PR campaigns so we’re getting a nice overview of what it is that we want to do – looking at it from both angles. I would say that it is really key to define where it is going to sit within your team right at the beginning of your campaign, whether you section off your productions so one person looks after certain productions or whether you sit it all within press or marketing or whatever – it really makes it so much easier to crack on with it.

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