Multi-media marketing

Multi-media marketing

Issue 41 / January 2011

The wealth of tools available to us to enhance our marketing is now immense. You can do it online, offline, on a shoestring, with a fantastic budget, by yourself, with a team, with consultants and professionals or a bit of all of it. The main thing is that you do what’s right for you and your organisation. Try it out, figure out why it worked or didn’t work and build on the things that work best for you.

This issue of JAM aims to demystify some of the latest technological developments that marketers have been presented with at a bewildering pace of change over the last year or so while keeping our eye on the important basics.

On page 6, Sam Scott Wood introduces YouView – where TV meets the internet; on page 8 Angharad Wynne explains how good images for attracting all-important attention require thought, creativity and a keen eye, and page 10 explores the AmbITion Approach to digital development.

Joseph Harrison of the Hallé reveals the relationship between Britain’s longest-established symphony orchestra and some of the newest media applications on page 14 and Roberta Doyle writes about the integral role filmed material is playing as part of the marketing toolbox at National Theatre Scotland (page 16).

Turn to page 19 for a guide to working with photographers from the Association of Photographers along with some useful web links around copyright and licensing. In Heather Maitland’s regular research round-up she asks how you decide the best images to use and brings us some research to show what a powerful tool they are and how they work in unexpected ways.

The middle pages of this issue give an insight into the AMA member research from last autumn – who the members are, what they like and what they think about the AMA – and Just a minute on page 21 gets to know Jodi Bennett at Welsh National Opera.

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