This four-part training video is for mentors: people who are either mentoring or are thinking about mentoring; and has been designed to remind you how and why mentoring works.

The AMA mentoring scheme is for those working in arts, heritage and cultural sector. It is a great way to gain new skills, build self-confidence and increase motivation through sharing experiences and one-to-one feedback. For more information go to the AMA Mentoring Scheme.

Part one: How mentoring works
— 2 minutes

It covers:

  • Guidance on key mentoring techniques
  • Active listening
  • Helping your mentee develop self-awareness
  • Understanding of both mentor and mentee roles and responsibilities within the mentoring relationship.
  • See also the AMA Mentoring Scheme.
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Published November 2015

Part two: Why mentoring works
— 11 minutes

Part four: Deepening the mentee’s self-awareness
— 6 minutes

Part three: Responsibilty health check
— 12 minutes

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