Media buying

Media buying

Issue 55 / July 2014

I’ve passed the editorial reins for this issue over to Howard Buckley and we find ourselves in capable hands. Having worked for arts organisations and an entertainment media agency, Howard is well-placed to cover this issue and lead the charge into a better understanding of the subject for our sector (page 4).

Rob Wilkerson takes a look at our big challenges on page 5 and asks ‘in which direction is media advertising heading?’ while Rupert Bean considers what the evolving media landscape might mean for our sector.

Page 8 finds the AMA’s Digital Content Manager Taras Young looking at online media and feedback to see which social media platforms are most popular among AMA members. Martin Gray looks at what may well be a gift for arts marketers and offers some useful pointers to consider when setting out on the journey to make the most of our media spend (page 9). That brings us to the Middle Pages which have been taken over by Culture-Pro – the new professional development tool for arts marketers and fundraisers – go on, give it a go!

We’ve got a story with two sides starting on page 16 when Paul Smith shares his thoughts on how arts organisations can get the most out of working with a media planning and buying agency while Emily Clarke looks at how to make an external media agency work well for you. Robin Hancox from the Mayflower Theatre explains how to fit your media schedule into your overall plans to sell your products on page 19 and we spend 60 seconds finding out about Naomi Rees from the Barber Institute of Fine Arts.

The spotlight falls on our most recent team member; Sophie Channon who once dreamt of being in the spotlight as a violin-playing superstar extraordinaire – the orchestra’s loss is the AMA’s gain.

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