Measuring the impact of online marketing

Measuring the impact of online marketing

How can we tell if online marketing is worth it? Evaluation involves a judgement about effectiveness but monitoring – the routine collection and recording of data over time – is just as important. Heather Maitland explores how to measure your online ROI (return on investment) and finds out how to tell if your online marketing is worth it. This article was first published in JAM (issue 48 / November 2012).

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Evaluation isn’t rocket surgery either, but you do need to do a bit of thinking first. How can you evaluate the success of your online marketing if you don’t know what you mean by success?
You should have a marketing strategy that integrates online and offline activity, setting out measurable objectives. If you don’t, then you at least need to write down clear motives for your online marketing and add some hard numbers that establish what you would count as successful, insists Kieran Flanagan. Find the numbers by looking at benchmarks for your sector.

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