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Measuring social media success

Measuring social media success

Ron Evans identifies positive trends in social media use and explores how arts and cultural organisations are changing the way they measure social media success. This article was first published in JAM (issue 48 / November 2012).

Article snippet

Focus on interactions as a guide to what to post
It seems like just yesterday that the number of ‘fans’ or followers your pages had was the only measurement game in town. Today, it is all about interactions – ‘likes’, shares, comments, re-tweets, etc. When you think about it, having a lot of bodies at a fundraising event is not what is important – it is how much they give. On social media these days, it is what your connections do with your
content that is the best measurement of engagement, because it is easily quantifiable, can be adjusted through experimentation, and brings you the benefit of visibility to new eyeballs. You can see how many interactions you’ve received though Facebook Insights for example, but go deeper – which specific posts got the most interactions? What made those posts so special? My research shows that posts that have the highest interactions:

  • Communicate or inspire feelings of strong emotion
  • Make us smile or laugh in some way
  • Ask us to ‘share’ or ‘like’ to show our support for a specific
    cause or idea
  • Allow us to be distracted by whatever else I should be doing at work by something that is interesting, witty, or just plain cool and weird.