Managing PR in a 24-hour news society

Managing PR in a 24-hour news society

How can cultural organisations manage their public relations in an ‘always-on’ society where the news is constantly being updated? This transcript of a panel discussion explores how to be one step ahead of the media, how to make sure your marketing campaigns are picked up by the press both in print and online, and how to ensure they are portrayed in a good light. (This transcript was first published in the event report for the AMA’s Press and PR Summit 2011).

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Keep control of your message: don’t be bullied into talking and responding or reacting when you don’t want to, or when the time is wrong to do that. If other people are pressuring you and that’s why you are responding, then you have almost certainly lost control of the message.
There must be consistency between the external message of the organisation and the internal one. It is amazing how many organisations don’t see the message as being a continuum from deep inside the organisation to as far outside the organisation as possible. There cannot be two messages – you can’t say something to the world outside which the people who work with and for you don’t recognise or may actually deny.
If your own people are denying or contradicting the message, you’re in big trouble. It suggests that the message being peddled to the outside world is wrong.

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