Leading a creative environment for people to be playful, creative and brilliant

Leading an environment for people to be creative

Mark Wright wonders whether the best idea really is to follow the ‘fridge magnet’ message of  ‘Keep calm and Carry on’ or is now the time for leaders in the arts and cultural sector to actually do the opposite and ‘get agitated and innovate’? This article was first published in JAM (issue 45 / January 2012).

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In creating a working environment that actively rails against the prevailing prevention mindset by behaving in an expansive, playful, rebellious way, you will also generate a hidden and maybe paradoxical bonus. You will have established a culture of ‘adaptive resilience’.
This shouldn’t be confused with the traditional idea of ‘organisational resilience’ which is about rigorous systems and processes, designed to get everything back to how it was, regardless of the disruption. A simple example would be the suspension systems in our cars, designed to absorb changes in the road surface and return to a steady state as quickly as possible. In this context think about Blackberry’s recent back-up server problems, last winter’s airport disruption, our emergency responses to natural disasters. Success is measured in the time taken to get everything up and running again.

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