How to use research to inform marketing campaigns

How to use research to inform marketing campaigns

Leo Sharrock looked at what information is readily available for arts organisations to help them segment their audiences, visitors and participants according to their lifestyles and attitudes. Many factors influence consumer behaviour and this AMA conference session explored how we should take these into account to inform planning and to improve the relevance of our marketing communications. (This conference session was first published in the conference report for AMA conference 2008).

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Topic 1: How can I learn more about the attendance habits of audiences?
Best resource is your database which you might want to segment by

  • Event Type
  • Frequency
  • Recency
  • Geography
  • Value

How does this help? Foregrounding
The term ‘foregrounding’ comes from stylistics in art criticism and is another way to think about segmentation: the idea being that the more you know about someone, the more easily you could convince them to do something.

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