Great segmentation — ten top tips

Great segmentation — ten top tips

Jo Taylor shares her top ten tips on segmentation. Get it right and segmentation can provide true market insight that will lead to tangible results in audience development and income. This article was first published in JAM (issue 50 / May 2013).

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1. Segmentation needs to be practical
Segments need to be sufficient in size to make targeting them worthwhile of your effort and they need to be in a position to engage with your offer. Having too many segments will also make managing your strategies tedious. Too few and it won’t give you the granularity you need. Between five and eight segments tends to work best.
2. Segments must be discernibly different
When segmenting your audience (or potential audience) the first thing is to make sure the segments have discernibly different needs. If one segment has no distinguishing differences from another or they all respond in a similar way you’ll end up with homogenised strategies, which defeats the point of segmentation.

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