Going Social

Going Social
– introduction to social media

This on demand training video explores how to integrate social media into your current activity and how to build online communities. It will provide practical tips on using Twitter and Facebook and guidance on how to evaluate your success.

Who is it for?

Professionals in the cultural sector who would like to take some time to further develop their use of social media.

Part one: Introduction
— 2 minutes 30 seconds

It covers:

  • Introduction to social media including Facebook and Twitter
  • Where to start and common myths
  • How to build a social media community including on Facebook and Twitter
  • Social media campaigns
  • Evaluating your social media
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First published January 2014

Part two: Facebook
— 4 minutes

Part four: Other social media
— 5 minutes 30 seconds

Part six: How to build a social media community
— 4 minutes

Part eight: Building a Twitter community
— 2 minutes 30 seconds

Part ten: Evaluating your social media
— 4 minutes 

Part three: Twitter
— 5 minutes

Part five: Where to start and common myths
— 4 minutes

Part seven: Building a Facebook community
— 4 minutes

Part nine: Social media campaigns
— 2 minutes 30 seconds

Part eleven: Crisis management and security
— 4 minutes 30 seconds