Getting the best out of qualitative research

Getting the best out of qualitative research

A seven-step guide to changing your approach to qualitative marketing research and the way you work with your research company. Start by choosing the best research company for your requirements and work closely with your suppliers to ensure the best results. Tips and advice on getting the most out of your research. This article was first published in JAM (issue 33 / January 2009).

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7. Overview
In the world of qualitative research, the key elements to providing you with a good job are:

  • knowing that the respondents in the survey are the people you want to hear from: – good researchers will use reliable recruiters who are fastidious in ensuring they get the right people for the brief
  • peace of mind that the respondents used in the survey do not feel in any way taken advantage of or misused before, during or after the process
  • knowing that the researcher understands the issues and has the skills required to use the interviews with customers to aid the requisite business decision.

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