Engaging your public

Engaging your public

Issue 30 / June 2008

This issue of JAM explores the relationship between the public and the arts and our role as arts marketers and audience development professionals in bringing the arts and public together.

Diane Ragsdale encourages us to embrace change and suggests how we might reach a wider audience (page 6). Ivan Wadeson demonstrates the value of revisiting your mission when it comes to understanding the relationship between what you do and the people you do it for (page 14).

And Heather Stradling and Jonathan Goodacre share the lessons they learned about ‘consultation’ during their participatory arts project, Being Here (page 20). Case studies highlight the benefits of partnership working and involving your target audience in all stages of the process from conception to realisation.

Ros Fry describes an inspirational model of engagement with children and young people at its centre (page16), while Matt Peacock shows that it is possible to make a real difference to people’s everyday lives without compromising on artistic quality (page 11).

Heather Maitland (page 4) rounds up research into the public’s engagement with cultural activities and you can meet your AMA member reps in the middle pages.

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