Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

In this five-part training video, Vicki Allpress Hill explains the process of digital marketing planning using a clear framework that will help you develop a systematic plan of action to achieve your digital marketing goals.

Who is it for?

Anyone responsible for digital marketing communications and projects who wants to learn how to become more strategic at planning their digital activities and improving their return on investment.

Part one: The importance of a strategic approach
— 8 minutes

It covers:

  • Writing a digital marketing strategy
  • A re-cap of the digital marketing audit process
  • The importance of digital marketing tools
  • How to set smart goals and targets
  • Which digital platforms to focus on
  • How to track and measure success
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First published November 2012

Part two: Knowing what to focus on
— 4 minutes

Part four: Digital channel planning
— 11 minutes

Part three: Setting goals and targets
— 6 minutes

Part five: Measuring outcomes
— 16 minutes