Digital Marketing Audit

Digital Marketing Audit

In this five-part training video, Vicki Allpress Hill will talk you through a systematic digital marketing audit process. This will help you make decisions based on solid evidence, decide what to focus your resources on and allow you to benchmark your progress.

Who is it for?

Anyone responsible for digital marketing communications and projects who wants to learn how to become more strategic at planning and analysing their digital activities and improving their return on investment.

Part one: What is a digital marketing audit?
— 4 minutes

It covers:

  • How to identify key issues and opportunities
  • A ten-step process for gathering data
  • How to turn data into meaningful information
  • An overview of key reporting tools
  • Key measures of growth
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First published October 2012

Part two: Gathering the right information
— 6 minutes

Part four: Being smart with digital channel analytics
— 10 minutes

Part three: Making sense of the data
— 2 minutes 30 seconds

Part five: Outcomes of your audit
— 2 minutes 30 seconds

Featured image: Image courtesy of Puppet Theatre Scotland © Andy Caitlin

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