AMA Conference 2020

Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Lisa Baxter from The Experience Business provides a comprehensive overview on design thinking — a simple five-stage applied innovation process — and how this can be used within the arts, cultural and heritage sector.

Article snippet:

STEP 1: Empathise
This is about understanding your audiences and communities in order to better design for them. By ‘understanding’, I don’t mean that which can be extrapolated from data alone, but rather, something more human, locally contextualised and empathic. Within a context of flux and a growing societal appetite for meaning, we need to be able to empathise with our audiences and communities now more than ever, diving into our local zeitgeist rather than dabbling in the shallows of our assumed knowledge and limited data.
We can achieve this by becoming professionally curious, engaging in dialogue with our audiences and communities, finding out about their worlds, their goals and what they value. Only then might we create brands, programmes and services that deliver relevant experiences that are appealing to them

To read the full article download Creating audience value by design.