Copyright© and the Press — what you need to know

Copyright © and the Press
— what you need to know

Getting press coverage is an achievement that you want to celebrate and share. However, copying or linking to a press article in an email, blog, on social media or other marketing channels — even if the article is about your organisation — could infringe copyright and licensing laws. This simple guide aims to highlight the key points that you need to be aware of when sharing press coverage with your audiences.

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Sharing links in emails and social media platforms
The key to sharing press or magazine articles via emails or social media platforms without infringing copyright laws is not to make a ‘copy’ of the original article — a simple and direct link to that article is acceptable as it’s not breaching copyright laws as nothing has been ‘copied’.
What constitutes a ‘copy’?
A ‘copy’ of an article could include:

  • a screenshot or screengrab of the article
  • a photograph or scanned image of the article
  • the article’s headline or typographical arrangement
  • text from the original article
  • a print out, photocopy or saved to computer file of the article.

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Published November 2019

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