Content production for press and PR

Content production for press and PR

In our fast-changing media landscape the notion of us as ‘content producers’ becomes ever-more pertinent. In such an environment, what is the role of the PR/press practitioner? Roberta Doyle considers the changing role of press and PR. This article was first published in JAM (issue 52 / October 2013).

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The boundaries that once existed between the complementary functions of a communications team are becoming more and more fluid; this key strategic and business development is unquestionably one of the crucial issues for us as arts marketing professionals going forward. As the expectation grows exponentially that our teams are now becoming ‘content producers’ – blogs, online diaries, videos, trailers, tweets, Facebook updates, Storify, online forums and photo-sharing sites (I counted 38 online just now before I lost the will to live, including Instagram, Dayviews and good old Flickr) – not to mention being the gatekeepers of our organisations’ hard-won reputations by constant monitoring not just of traditional media but of Google too, then we have to consider radical solutions to how we service this proliferation of content channels.

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