Connecting with the media

Connecting with the media

Insights and tips on how arts marketers and cultural organisations can foster good relations with the press. Learn how to spot opportunities for great PR, develop relationships with journalists rather than just firing out press releases, and connect with the media in a meaningful and strategic way. Create publicity campaigns that catch journalists’ attention, whether for broadcast media or local newspapers – with advice and case studies from the National Theatre Scotland, BBC Scotland, and the Nottingham Post. (This article was first published in the Conference Report for AMA conference 2009.)

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Connecting with the media: why don’t we make the news?
There are a number of reasons why we don’t make the news as much as we could or should:

  • We concentrate on releases instead of relationships
  • We are formulaic and churn out information — news is now more about emotional
    reaction than information
  • We underestimate our power
  • We are fragmented and don’t act communally as an industry

How come there are other industries that are doing this better than the arts community?

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