Communication strategy

Communication strategy

Issue 35 / July 2009

How do you make sure you are making the right strategic decisions before you start communicating with your audience or visitors?
In this issue, both Heather Maitland in her research round-up (page 4) and Robert Jones in his feature (page 6) suggest that we start by making an honest assessment of what we stand for and what our communications really say about us.

Of course, understanding one’s audiences is every bit as important as reviewing one’s brand: on page 8, Kim Gowland shows how looking at your visitors’ motivations can help you create communications that appeal to your audiences and respect your brand values at the same time. Sally Goldsmith argues that broadening your marketing mix and shaping your organisation’s programme are part of any good communication strategy (page 16), and Jon Bradfield discusses the difficulties faced by touring companies and all those organisations that don’t have sole ownership of their communication channels (page 18).

Finally, Stephen Cashman spots some project management challenges that arise from putting a communications strategy into action in his feature on page 21.

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