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Change management — A festival out of time

Change management — A festival out of time

Anne Torreggiani describes the change management process undertaken at the London International Festival of Theatre, where the organisation reinvented itself as a ‘festival out of time’. This article was first published in JAM (issue 05/ April 2002).

Article snippet

In short, we used the full range of market intelligence available to us as a mirror in which to take a long hard look at what we were doing and why. Convinced by the truth of this warts-and-all view, we gained the confidence to rethink each area of the organisation. By working closely as a team, we fashioned our plan as a set of interdependent processes and, as a consequence, everyone appreciates intimately how their area of activity supports another’s. An inventive new product proposition, clearer and tighter than before, was one result, as was the emergence of a strategic picture of LIFT’s audience and its needs; they combine to provide the foundations of a new marketing strategy.

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