Balancing act

Balancing Act

Compton Verney used the Mosaic geo-demographic segmentation model to understand and identify the potential audiences within its catchment area. This case study is from the AMA Museums and Galleries Marketing Day 2008.

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The Balancing Act Reality Check
By looking at the mosaic types which are higher within the visitor base than average UK figures, Compton Verney was able to think about the segments it wanted to work harder at attracting, either to gain more of the same people or to make strategic audience development decisions about segments which were currently undersubscribed and carried potential or fitted diversity objectives.
These Mosaic types were:

  • Symbols of Success
    UK 10%, Compton Verney 32%
    Choicest housing, Rewarding careers, Professional occupations, High incomes, Exotic leisure pursuits, High net worth, Successful, Middle-aged
  • Suburban Comfort
    UK 15%, Compton Verney 18%
    Self reliant, Plan for retirement, White collar workers, Hardworking, Comfortable homes, Independent, Mature suburbs, Older children, Married couples
  • Rural Isolation
    UK 5%, Compton Verney 12%
    Nucleated villages, Mixed backgrounds

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