AMA Freelance Benchmarking Survey 2020 — report

AMA Freelance Benchmarking Survey 2020 — report

Since 2018 the AMA has been expanding its offer for the growing number of freelancers working in the arts, culture and heritage sector — from our Freelance Membership and Directory, to freelance specific rates for our events.

To help us produce resources on best practice and to develop support to help arts, culture and heritage freelancers in their roles we launched our first Freelance Benchmarking Survey in January 2020. As the sector adapts to working in a Covid-19 landscape the findings of this survey will help the AMA pinpoint key ways to enhance our support for freelancers and develop a route map to a successful career.

Factors contributing to the decision to becoming a freelancer

Not surprisingly childcare is a key factor for the decision to become a freelancer. However, it is interesting that 66% of respondents to this question cite ‘Personal Wellbeing’ as a deciding factor.

30% of respondents to this question identified other key factors for becoming a freelancer, these included:
Lack of job opportunities within the sector particularly after relocating or when located in areas where jobs in the arts, culture and heritage sector are scarce.
Opportunity to work from home and avoid or reduce time commuting.
Creating own work opportunities following redundancy.
Flexibility of working for oneself and not an organisation — being one’s own boss.
Creating a better life / work balance.
A route into employment.
The ability to make more of an impact across more than one organisation.

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Published September 2020

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