20 Quick Fixes

20 Quick Fixes

Are you responsible for getting your organisation noticed by the outside world but have a million other things to do? This on demand training video will give you 20 top tips to help you make your life more manageable by focusing on the marketing and communication tools that work.

Who is it for?

Anyone responsible for communicating with the outside world on behalf of their arts, culture or heritage organisation with few resources.
Introduction — 3 minutes

It covers:

  • 20 quick-to-implement fixes for your marketing
  • Persuade people to try something new
  • Convince stakeholders of your work’s value

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First published January 2014

Part one: Trimming your to do list
— 5 minutes

Part three: Talking in the right way
— 12 minutes

Part five: Persuade them
— 12 minutes

Part seven: Getting media coverage
— 9 minutes

Part two: Let them know you love them
— 9 minutes

Part four: Talk to the right people
— 12 minutes

Part six: Just do the things that work
— 5 minutes

Part eight: Is your online marketing a waste of time and money? — 10 minutes

Image courtesy of National Portrait Gallery © Simon Mooney