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Covid-19 Impact: Museum sector research findings

Following the temporary closures of cultural venues across the country in March 2020, Art Fund commissioned research to find out how they and others could best support as many museums as possible through this period. They asked cultural consultants Wafer Hadley to survey arts professionals about the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on their work and organisations, what they needed in terms of funding and support, and how Art Fund could best help. The resulting report draws together over 400 responses from two surveys – one for museum directors, one for museum professionals – across 22 in-depth interviews and two focus groups.

By Art Fund  | Published:2020 | Type: research

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All the workplace is a stage – how to communicate with clarity and impact

In this research conducted by RADA Business they reveal how many of us lack confidence in our ability to communicate as well as we would like to and in the situations where we would seek to make our voices heard.  It also shows the value we place on the communication skills of others, for example when forming first impressions or looking for strong leadership.  The findings are accompanied by powerful insights from some of  RADA Business' leading tutors, highlighting ways in which acting skills hold the key to better story-telling, influencing audiences and communicating with clarity and passion 

By RADA Business  | Published:2020 | Type: research

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Beating workplace performance anxiety

In this research conducted by RADA Business they explore the issue of stage fright and nerves in the workplace with data from a survey of 1,000 business people, revealing their experiences.  They also look at ways to overcome your public speaking fears, with their leading tutors providing advice and guidance on ways to harness your nervous energy to prevent it from derailing your performance.   

By RADA Business  | Published:2020 | Type: research

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Thinking on your feet – the art of improvisation in the workplace

In this report, RADA Business explores the importance of improvisation.  The findings are drawn following interviews with 1,000 people from workplaces across the UK, covering all ages, levels and experiences, from interns to CEOs. These people came from businesses large and small, in fields as diverse as agriculture, law, healthcare and transport.  This resulting report explores how great improvisation benefits the individual, the organisation and the customer. 

By RADA Business  | Published:2020 | Type: research

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Webinar: How to Improve your Engagement on Social Media

HdK Associates explore how to optimise user engagement across the key social media platforms. Including how to pivot your social media during Coronavirus. With: Hans de Kretser, Director; Phoebe Cleghorn, Digital Marketing Manager; Freya Ruane, Marketing Coordinator and Hannah Gagen, Advocacy Manager, SOLT and UK Theatre

By HdK Associates  | Published:2020 | Type: blog

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Analyse and Improve your Email Marketing Strategy

Freya Ruane, Marketing Coordinator at HdK Associates shares some suggestions and tips on how you can assess and improve your current email marketing campaigns. In the mass of marketing emails people receive on a daily basis, it's important to ensure that your emails are the ones that reach out and engage audiences.

By HdK Associates  | Published:2020 | Type: article

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