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Autism-friendly Screenings: A guide for cinemas

The UK Cinema Association, supported by Dimensions and the BFI Film Audience Network, have produced this guide on how best to deliver and promote autism-friendly screenings at your cinemas. We hope you find it useful and it inspires you to consider putting on your own autism-friendly screenings. Whilst this guide predominantly focuses on autism – and screenings are therefore referred to as autism-friendly screenings (AFS) – we know many cinemas use the terms ‘relaxed’ or ‘sensory friendly’. Whatever the name used, such screenings can benefit anyone who finds standard screenings overwhelming. People with a broad range of cognitive conditions can …

| Published:2019 | Type: guide-toolkit

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Health and Wellbeing – China Plate’s Artist Wellbeing Policy

China Plate are committed to enabling and facilitating professional, ethical and productive working environments for artists that stimulate creative freedom and risk whilst safeguarding physical and mental health and wellbeing. Their research has resulted in their Artist Wellbeing Policy.

| Published:2019 | Type: guide-toolkit

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Three Fundraising Curses – 3) The Curse of Boring

This three part guide from David Burgess (Apollo Fundraising) challenges you to reconsider what you think you know about fundraising, tackling how you communicate and share ideas, getting beyond embarrassment and moving away from being boring! How might rethinking these taboos enrich your work, and success, as a fundraiser? Read part one here, and part two here

By David Burgess  | Published:2018 | Type: guide-toolkit

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Fundraising for first-timers

This guide is aimed at arts and creative organisations or charities that are starting out on their fundraising journey. It aims to help you prepare and approach strategic fundraising – that is fundraising that is embedded in your organisation. Written by Emma Goad (Blue Canary Fundraising). Commissioned by Arts Council Wales.

By Emma Goad  | Published:2018 | Type: guide-toolkit

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The Art of Fundraising: How to Handle the Essentials

Independent consultant Helen Jenkins shows you how research, planning and careful preparation can build successful fundraising. The content of this guide was originally delivered as part of the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Fundraising Essential course.

| Published:2018 | Type: guide-toolkit

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